Back from Szombathely, and second full session of New Austrian Economics

We just spent ten days in Hungary, at the Martineum in Szombathely. This institute of adult education, with a strong religious background, is the same venue where Professor Fekete held his first Gold Standard University Live session… and the very place where I got started with The Gold Standard Institute, and where I met Philip Barton, the man who created it.
This latest session was called ‘The Real Bills Doctrine of Adam Smith’. The topic of Real Bills is obscure, but super important. For various reasons I will not get into here, no true Gold Standard can possibly work without its clearing system… and this clearing system consists of the full circulation or Real Bills.
I am presently working on a new DVD set, of the whole ten day session… and will be putting it up as soon as it is ready.
in the meantime, if you are a friend of Gold… or simply concerned with the failure of the current paper ‘money’ system that the world economy runs on, do visit for a lot more vital information.

About Rudy Fritsch

I was born in Hungary in 1947, and fled Socialist tyranny during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. My family had lived through WWII and the consequent Hungarian hyperinflation, thus I have intimate experience with financial destruction. My Dad used Gold to buy our way out of Hungary. Paper money was as good as toilet paper. Later in life, during my studies of Austrian economics, I came to realize that only Gold could solve the Global Financial Crisis (which should be called the Global Monetary Crisis), just as Gold solved our otherwise insoluble problem of getting out of Communist Hungary.
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